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About 2000 graduated students from Hitep!

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  • CNA – A caregiver and worried about the personal care of patients. Interested in the healthcare career and looking to pursue great goals and face challenges.  Learn more here.

  • Homemaker – A dedicated person that likes cleaning, cooking and serve patients. The first step in the healthcare career path. Available only in Spanish and will be in English soon! Learn more here.


In 2019, Hitep comes with new programs to continue offering the best training. We have developed our CONTINUOUS EDUCATION program to have a wider portfolio with the same quality and focused on our students and alumni professional development. Strengthening our partnership with more and more companies, our institution is focusing in being the best and most recognized professional training center in Rhode Island. 


Financial Aid and Payment Plans

The RIIC is one of our strategic partners to continue serving the community. Through their sponsorship program, they help more and more people, changing their lives and giving them an opportunity to continue developing skills.

Please contact them if you want more info.
Phone: (401) 781-1098
website click here.

Helping Rhode Islanders, the Dept. of Human Services of Rhode Island is our main partner. Always focused on improving the community life-quality, they offer a different option to get the education and promote the career development in our people.

To access DHS benefits you need to meet their criteria and follow an application process. If you would like to apply to their sponsorship, please contact your Social Worker and ask about your education plan, employment plan and your desire to study at Hitep.

In Hitep we are committed to your success and we offer different options to allow you get access to our education plans in an easy and fast way.

To get more info about our programs visit our Tuition and Fees webpage.

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In Hitep we receive everyone interested in meet our facilities and have more information. From time to time, we have open house events to show our programs and give you the opportunity to experience with our teachers. If you would like to have a tour contact us.

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