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Homemakers are healthcare workers who take care of the home from cleaning and maintenance to the overall general upkeep of the family dwelling. Cooking, laundry duties, and organization of the home will be part of the daily tasks.

HITEP’s Homemaker Training Program is designed to provide our students with all the necessary skills to offer a great customer service, helping their customers to live an independent lifestyle by enabling them to remain in their homes for as long as possible.

The training includes the following skills:

 – The function of the Homemaker as part of the healthcare team.
 – Understanding basic human needs throughout the lifespan.
 – Understanding basic human needs of people with disabilities, terminal illness, mental illness and dementia.
 – Infection control.
 – Emergency procedures.

 – Care of the home.


Homemaker Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of this course.


Duration & Hours

  • The training lasts 2 weeks. Monday to Thursday from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.



Students will have access to the following benefits:

  • Complete Access to our Patient Care Simulator to perform practices

  • Job Fair (With the best employment offices of Rhode Island).

  • Textbook.

  • We provided any supplies needed during the course. 

  • HITEP CNA Certificate.

How to apply

You can apply here or stop by our office located at 515 Elmwood Ave, Providence RI, 02907. To complete the enrollment you will need an ID and make the required downpayment.


Contact Us

Call: (401) 785- 2202
Email: info@hitepri.com
Visit: 515 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, RI 02907

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